Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We build smart SEO strategies for data-hungry marketers.

Our SEO service include:

On Page SEO
  • Optimising Title Tags for all pages.
  • Meta Tags for all pages of site.
  • Image optimisation
  • H1, H2, H3, Hyperlink optimisation 
  • Broken Links fixing
  • Robots.txt and WWW Resolving
  • URL optimisation
  • Custom 404 Page
  • Google Analytics installation (in needed)
  • Site Loading Speed optimisation
  • SSL Installation and site optimisation. 
  • XML SiteMap & Google Webmaster setup
  • And much more... (Depend on Project)
Off Page SEO
  • Manual Submission to top search engines
  • Linking Social Media and website.
  • High Quality valid link building.
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Guest Posts and Press Releases
  • And much more... (Depend on project)

Local SEO
  • Google My Business Listing 
  • Listing Business in Google Map
  • Local search engine and directory listing
  • And much more... (Depend on project)

Deliverables :

Bi-weekly Reporting on: Audit reporting with following report fields: SEO Audit Checklist, Content Audit, Technical issues
LTK Targets with following report fields: Target URL, Queries, Clicks, Impressions, CTR, Position, Previous mentions, Current mentions, Date added
Keyword Master List with following report fields: Target Keyword, Search Volume, Landing Page, Current Rank
ROI Projections: Keyword(s), Total Search Volume, AOV, SERP Position, CTR, Clicks, PTL, ILC, Estimated Monthly Revenue, Estimated SEO Investment, Break-Even Point
Actual ROI: Year, ALV, Goal Completions, Revenue from Organic Search, Total SEO Investment, Profit from Search, YoY ROI %
CTR Optimization with following report fields: Pages, Clicks, Impressions, CTR, Position, Date, Notes, Current Title, New Title, Date Changed and respective notes
Backlink Prospects with following report fields: Search Query, Link Niche, Link Type, Domain, DA, Link opportunity/Guidelines URL, Contact, Contact Name, Requirement/Word Count, Notes
Outreach for Backlink with following report fields: Client, Niche, Link Type, URL Being Promoted, Guidelines or Target URL, Contact, Name, Outreach Attempt #1, Response, Email Used, Notes

Monthly reporting on:

Primary Keyword Targets: Keyword, Volume, Position, Target URL, EMA%, Date Recorded
Monthly Ranking Reports: We will provide an Excel document which summarizes the following items:
· The site URL
· Rank achieved
· Page Number on which rank is achieved